March 24, 2018

Katre Leather Shoulder Bag

It was such a tough day yesterday because I've been battling dysmenorrhea and bloating for 3 days. All I wanted to do was to sleep all day but I committed to cover SM World of Women Exhibit by Niccolo Cosme event in Megamall.

The e-invite clearly stated "Come in business attire" but I wasn't feeling well enough to wear heeled shoes, blazer and skirt.  I forced myself to get up and look for clothes that will keep me comfortable.

If you're feeling a bit low-key and going for comfort, you can sometimes end up looking like crap because you're wearing an ill-fitting clothes. So how to dress for comfort without looking like you don’t give a damn?  It all comes down to finding clothes that are loose fit, but are made of great fabrics.

Instead of a skinny jeans, I opted to wear culottes. Okay, so we all know culottes are a bit tricky when worn because it isn't a pants, nor a shorts.  It can actually make a woman look short despite how comfy they can feel. Good thing my culottes is awesome because its color dark gray with pinstripes which helped lengthen my short legs😁.  I teamed it up with an oversized  Ted Baker London top and a pair of super comfy everyday white Gola trainers.

This ensemble may be relaxed and loose but it definitely made me look good without looking bulky because of its lighter cashmere and satin materials. You can never go wrong with this style whether your tall or short (like me).

To be in tune with the motif, I accessorized by carrying my really cute carry-all Katre shoulder bag. Even if I'm bleeding inside (literally speaking😁), I felt beautiful carrying this Philippine made bag.

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