March 29, 2018

North Park

The last time I ate at North Park was like more that 10 years ago for Shiloh and Liza's wedding. Although I like their food, I don't get to see them to places where I frequent.

Since Percia was craving for noodles, and the nearest to the event we were attend was North Park, we just went ahead and ordered Wanton Noodles.

Since we were both trying to lose extra pounds, we just ordered on. The Wanton Nooldes is actually good for sharing. We both like it but I have to be frank, their service is poor! We were seated right next to the cashier but it seems that they were to busy to notice our waving hands.

The good thing is, we saved money for this lunch because, the serving is good enough for tow women who're watching their diet.

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