April 5, 2018

Alpha and Gamma Closing Party

When I was in elementary and high school I'd always look forward to closing party because everyone is in a relax and happy mood. It's also the official start of summer vacation. And most imporatantly, the food! I like eating a lot when I was young. I was actually a chubby, chubby (cute, shhhh, quiet, lol!) girl back then.

I am the Homeroom Parents President so I facilitated an impromptu mini program for Julia's Alpha class. I asked Carl to do the thank you address for Mrs Ressurecion. Of coursr it wouldn't be complete without our dear teachers message for the kids and parents as well. Chow time is always a big hit which made everyone happy.

I'm not an officer at my son Rafael's Gamma Class but I initiated the same mini program because our president, Riz, is in the office. She couldn't make it because she just started working in AFP.

Everything went well for both sections, it's just that we are going to miss Ma'am Jaymee because she will be transferring to another this coming 2018-2019 school year.

So long, Ms. Jaymee. Until we meet again! We love you!

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