June 17, 2018

Father's Day

Other families prefer to celebrate Father's Day dining out in restaurants; we preferred to stay home to avoid traffic. 

I did not prepare any gift for my husband nor asked my children if they have something for their dad.  When I woke at 4am, I saw Juan still awake. I got mad and told him to sleep. Little did I know Julia, Rafael and Juan talked about cooking something for dad. They did not sleep at all because my husband wakes very early. They want to surprise their dad for breakfast.

Rafael fried egg, ham, and bacon. Julia baked a cake. Juan cooked Salmon with Spicy Noodles.

Ano ang contribution ko sa Father's Day na ito? Ako ang nag hugas ng lahat ng pinaglutuan nila. 
Ako din ang naglinis ng kusina at buong bahay.😁😁😁

Happy Tatay's Day to our walking-Google, 
our story-teller, our singer of songs, 
our adventure guide, our anchor and cool dad!

"It is a wise father that knows his own child. "
-William Shakespeare

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