July 9, 2018

DIY Trip To South Korea

The Mendiolables South Korea trip is DIY. The adventure started from getting a Korean Visa. It was actually quite dizzying to do DIY Trip specially because I'm not really good at planning. I started reading blogs and other sites since February right after I booked our airline tickets at the travel fair.

Planning this trip meant a lot of reading and lack of sleep. DIY Trip is both exciting and stressful but John and I still prefer this kind of trip because we were not limited to stay in one place at a very short time. Most of my friends who bought a package said, they were mostly brought to shops and other places where they need to buy stuff.

I hope this article will be of help in case  you're doing a DIY Trip To South Korea with your family. 

Our Itinerary:

First and Second Day: Gangnam Area. Booked an AirBnB for May 5 to 7 (P4,700.00)

DAY 1 May 5, Saturday
4am     - Left home for NAIA
430am - NAIA
755am - Flight to Incheon
155pm - Arrived Incheon Airport
230pm - Rode bus going to Gangnam
4pm    - Checked in at Hanatogo AirBnB
6pm    - Visited Line Friends Store and Cafe and walking tour around Garosugil
9pm    - Back to Hanatogo AirBnB

DAY 2 May 6, Sunday

7am    - Woke early to travel to SMTOWN (spent most of the time lining up to enter the place)
12nn   - Walking Tour around Coex Mall
230pm-  Bongeunsa Buddhist Temple (15 minutes walk from Coex Mall)
430pm - Samneung Park  (25 minutes walk from Coex Mall)
7pm    -  Walking tour around K-Star Road
8pm    -  JYP
830pm - Big Hit
930pm -  Back to Hanatogo AirBnB

DAY 3 May 7, Monday
7am    - Check in at Namsam Gil House
830am - Heo Joon Jae's House (Legend of the Blue Sea K-Drama)
930am - N SEOUL Tower, Hello Kitty, Ssentoy Museum, Love Lock
430pm - Back to  Namsam Gil House to rest
7pm     - Kpop/Kdrama Merch hunting at Myeongdong Night Market
9pm    -  Back to  Namsam Gil House

DAY 4 May 8, Tuesday
930am - Deoksugung Palace
11am   - Changing of Guards
12nn    -  Bukchon Hanok Village
3pm     -  Changdeokgung Palace
5pm     -  Namsangol Hanok Village
7pm     -  Myeongdong Night Market
11pm   -  Back to  Namsam Gil House

DAY 5 May 9, Wednesday
7am     -  Check out at Namsam Gil House (left luggages c/o One)
830am  - Bus pick upt at Meoyondong Station Exit 2 for Everland
10am    - Everland
7pm     -  Back to  Namsam Gil House to get luggages
730pm -  Met a wonderful lady who walked with us til we see our way to Hotel Venue G
8pm     - Checked in at Hotel Venue G
9pm     -  Walking Tour at Chenggyecheon Stream
930pm -  Myeongdong Night Market
11pm   - Back at Hotel Venue G

DAY 6 May 10, Thursday
700am - Left Hotel Venue G
730 -  Myeongdong Catholic Cathedral
850am -  Pick up at Myeongdong Station Exit 2 for Garden of the Morning Calm, Petit France, Nami Island and Rail Park Tour
8pm Arrived Dongdaemun Station
8 to 10pm Walked around Dongdaemun Malls
1030pm Back to Hotel Venue G

Day 7 May 11, Friday
8am Check out at Hotel Venue G
930am Arrived Incheon Airport
1255 Flight back to Manila
340pm Arrived NAIA, Manila

May 5 to 7 - AirBnB
May 7 to 9 - Namsam Gil
May 9 to 11  - Hotel Venue G Jongno-gu

Nami Island

Sample Budget (Our budget):                                                                               
Pocket Money                                                                                                           P   200,000.00
Korea Airfare (two-way)  via Air Asia       -                                                                   55,398.00
  (inclusive of 25kls check-in baggage from Manila  to Incheon
    and 25kls check-in baggage from Incheon to Manila
Nami Island, Petit France, Garden of Morning Calm, Rail Bike                                    24,750.00
Everland                                                                                                                          12,485.00
Hotel Venue G                                                                                                                   6,368.00
Namsam Gil House                                                                                                           9,600.00
Hanatogo AirBnB                                                                                                             4,700.00
NSEOUL Tower, Ssentoy, Hello Kitty World                                                                  2,013.00
Cable Car (0ne way for NSEOUL Tower)
Pocket Wifi Rental for 7 days                                                                                           1,050.00
T Money Card  (we were not able to use because we rode taxis for 7 days
  (except the bus from  Incheon to Gangnam and  Jongno-gu to Incheon)                          625.00
  we used it for food in convenience stores.
Bus from Incheon to Gangnam                                                                                         2800.00
Bus from Jongno-gu to Incheon                                                                                        2800.00     
Entrance to Deoksugung Palace (2,000 won for 2 adults/1500won for 3 kids)                  350.00
                                                                                       TOTAL EXPENSES         P322,939.00

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