November 7, 2018

Dr. Corazon Ramiro Regino

My family and I were in Hong Kong last week enjoying sem break when I got a lot of messages asking if we are related to CMSHS new principal, Sir Erick Mendiola. I was stupefied not knowing what to reply. Instead of answering the question, I asked them back, "we have a new principal?".

I quickly messaged and asked Dr. Regino. All I got was a seen mode. She didn't reply. It's not typical of Dr. Regino not to reply because she's one of the most accommodating person I met in my entire 45 years on earth. Her silence meant the answer was yes. 

As we walked along the city streets of Hong Kong after that seen mode all I could think of was that time flies really quickly when you're having fun. That thought goes both for our trip and Dr. Regino. It feels like only a few months ago when we everybody welcomed her. GPTA 2017-2018 under Sir Levy Cabeliza worked hand-in-hand with her. We had an easy and wonderful time as we successfully completed our projects. She always find time for every one who needed her advice.

Yesterday may be one of the longest and most touching send-off program I've watched as the whole school participated in showing their love and respect to our beloved mother of City of Mandaluyong Science High School.

I normally take a nap or doodle with my celphone during long speech but never with Dr. Regino. I listen to every word she says because  it is complete in every sense, starting always with a Bible verse, followed by inspirational quotes and jokes, and ending with practical and motherly advice for every child and adult to absorb well.

Quoting Dr. Regino's words, "no one will say goodbye"...Opo Doc, we're not saying goodbye. Maliit lang naman po ang Mandaluyong para hindi tayo magkita kita ulit. We're always just a ride away. Pwedeng car o jeep para mas tipid. Pag sinipag sipag pa po, pwedeng maglakad papunta sa inyong new school.

Salamat po  ng marami, Dr. Dr. Corazon Ramiro Regino!

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