November 15, 2018

Motolite RES-Q App

I have been  driving since year 1998, admittedly though I have limitations when it comes to car problems. When I'm out driving alone in the middle of nowhere then a sudden stop happen due to overheating or run out of battery, I'd call my husband to call someone to come and rescue me. Everything is going to be handled by my husband even if it means he has to wake up in the middle of the night.

Now Motolite has a solution to the above mentioned scenario thru Motolite RES-Q app. ES-Q app. RES-Q app is FREE to download from the App Store and Google Play. It is Motolite's way of giving motorists the peace of mind when it comes to car troubles. With just a few clicks, help is on the way. RES-Q app even allows you to see the profile of the RES-Q rider coning to help you, track exactly where he is in real time and rate them based on the services rendered. If you have a Motolite battery installed in your vehicle, the RES-Q service will be free of charge!

About Motolite:

Motolite Batteries are proudly manufactured by PBI, one of the largest manufacturers, exporters and distributors of automotive, motorcycle, and industrial battery products and solutions in the Asia-Pacific Region.

PBI's TS16949 and ISO-certified manufacturing plant is one of the largest and most modern battery manufacturing facilities in Southeast Asia. Housed in an 18-hectare fully integrated facility that produces world-class maintenance-free automotive and motorcycle batteries as well as dry-charged low maintenance batteries, industrial batteries, plates, sulfuric acid and separators, PBI employs a fully-integrated closed-loop manufacturing and distribution process that covers material sourcing, component design and production, assembly, charging, distribution and recycling.

The company has been leading the lead-acid battery industry since its foundation in 1919, and has been providing consumers with world-class power solutions for 99 years, making it one of the region's pioneers and longest-serving battery manufacturers. PBI is also the biggest investor in manufacturing facilities in the entire ASEAN region, giving Motolite a formidable edge over its competitors. PBI proudly serves the US, European, Australian, Middle East, and Asian markets, and is the industry leader in productivity, capacity, technology and innovation.

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