February 15, 2019

Mr. and Ms. MandSci 2019

The first time I watched Mr. and Ms. MandSci was three years ago, when my twin kids were in Grade 7. It was a happy event because the winners, Jyca and Yuri, were both classmates of Julia from Section Phoenix. 

The next morning I told Julia and Rafael that they can join Mr. and Ms. MandSci when they're in Grade 10 because they have a big chance of bagging the crowns if they join at the same time because the forces stronger. I have that in me, when I dream or visualize something, it happens. 

Last year, I was very disappointed when Rafael joined Mr. and Ms. MandSci 2018. I told them both already may times to join together. Since I cannot do anything to make Rafael back out from the contest, I convinced Julia to join instead.  But Julia, hard-headed like her mother, refused profusely.

Rafael made it to the Top 8 at Mr. and Ms. MandSci 2018. Of course I was not happy. I kept telling him he should have waited for his twin sis. While I kept nagging Julia that he should have joined along with his twin bro.

Fast forward a year after, with the prodding of 10-Curie class and Parents, Julia finally was ready to join Mr. and Ms. MandSci 2019.  After her orientation, Julia asked, "Mom, do you know that Bober (brother) is joining?". I blindly replied with a question, "Joining what?". She said, "Mr. and Ms. MandSci 2019".

I was fuming so when Rafael came home, I asked (in high pitch, of course!), "Who told you to join? Did you ask my permission or your dads?" El said with a mix of sadness and pride, "Mom, I want to redeem myself. This time I'm going to win. Just trust me please."

And it all came back to me - that thought three years ago when I saw them being crowned Mr. and Ms. MandSci 2019. Maybe it was a mother's intuition or it was already written in the stars when the twins answered confidently...

"My hashtag will have to be serendipitous. 
I use that word because serendipity means moments that happen coincidentally. 
I like this, because I think moments aren't by chance, they're God's plan. 
And I think that when things happen, it happens for a reason."

- Rafael Mendiola III 

"I am passionately curious about tomorrow because every day, at night, when the day ends,
I think about what I've done and what I've accomplished.
 And everyday when the sun rises is a new chance to begin again...
to smile, to laugh, to love and to spend time with the people I care for.
Tomorrow will always be a mystery but one thing is certain,
tomorrow is a chance to be a better person."

-Julia Mendiola

I am one joyful and proud Mommy! Maririnig nyo naman sa mga tili, sigaw at halakhak sa video.

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