June 2, 2019

Can´t Get Enough of Your Love Babe - Barry White Guesting at The Simpsons

I won a bottle of an expensive liquor, courtesy of Mr. Prem Singh, at the recently concluded Kampai Sushi Bar Grand Opening just by naming the singer of the song Can´t Get Enough of Your Love Babe.

The story goes like this...Prem came over to my table seeing that I was enjoying this music, he said, "if you can guess the singer of this song you'll get a bottle of this".

The competitive spirit in me awakened. Ti tell you honestly, I'm bad at memorizing song titles and singers so I just told Prem, "the singer had thick beard and mustache". Then I quickly recalled memories of binge watching The Simpsons, then I remembered where Barry White was a guest named as Larry White.

Nagbunga din ang walang sawa kong panonood ng Simpsons!😀

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