August 2, 2019

BPI Shagrila-Shaw Branch and Preferred Center

Today, BPI Shangrila-Shaw Branch and Preferred Center in Mandaluyong opened. This branch showcases the most modern and innovative designs that will complement the Bank's aim to provide trusted financial advice, and seamless and convenient client experience. This is The Bank of the Philippine Island's biggest flagship branch in Metro Manila and the first to stay open seven days a week!

The new flagship branch follows the design of BPI's other flagship branches in Ayala Insular and Makati Stock Exchange.

BPI reinforces its commitment tobenhance overall customer experience, both online and offline by providing easy access to relevant financial solutions for every Filipino. In line with its digitalization efforts, BOI also added an interactive self-service screen with a large video wall that displays informational videos for clients.
Digitalization allows for an omni-channel experience, with clients being able to start a transaction in one channel and complete it in another.

As for the interiors, the new branch drew inspiration from the map of the Phils. The irregularly shaped ottoman seats at the center of the room represent the Phil. Archipelago. The swirling lights in the ceiling evoke images of the Phil. climate and the ever-changing winds that sweep over the country.

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