September 18, 2019

Lorenzo’s Sanctuary

If you frequent this blog you're well aware of things and activities I love like recycling, upcycling, yoga, planting.

I want to bring planting to the next level and have a small farm in my place in Antipolo. In preparation for this I, along with my husband and children, visited Lorenzo’s Sanctuary last week.

For families who are looking for a different and fun kind of bonding activity, I am highly recommending Lorenzo’s Sanctuary.

Lorenzo’s sanctuary is close to 1,700 sqm of agricultural lot situated at Brgy Burol Calamba Laguna. It started as a weekend place of the family but they have since opened the place to the public by offering activities such as farming workshops and small group teambuilding. They sell naturally grown produce from the farm and also makes jams and condiments with most ingredients coming from the farm. Their best selling item is the guava-tarragon jam. They prepare the jams in small batches at home with Lorenzo helping in the preparation from time to time when there is no school. Other items include spiced vinegar, chili flakes and coco nectar vinaigrette dressing.

Each time you buy their products and services, you help build Lorenzo’s sanctuary which will be a living testament that our persons with autism can lead productive and meaningful lives.

You may contact Lorenzo’s Sanctuary through FB page and Instragram account.

The Story Behind Lorenzo’s Sanctuary:

Lorenzo’s sanctuary is inspired by Lorenzo Miguel Medina, a teenage boy with autism. Lorenzo is non-verbal and goes to a transition school. His interest includes arts, swimming and going outdoors. He is happiest when surrounded by lush green environment and the beach. It is because of these interests of Enzo that his family thought of creating Lorenzo’s sanctuary where he can be surrounded with nature and become his source of livelihood in his adult years.

Lorenzo’s sanctuary is envisioned to be a place of healing where naturally grown foods can be found.
Our Lorenzo is a healthy eater himself. He eats almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables. He hardly get sick and has never been hospitalized all his life except when the day he was born. His family intends to keep it this way considering that Enzo has difficulty expressing himself in words. We also envision the place to be a training center for people particularly for persons with autism who are interested in farming.

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