November 11, 2019

Adore Facial Treatment Review

Malou and I were batch mates in elementary and we live in the same barangay but we were not close before. We started being close just last year after we met in Hong Kong where she works.

Last May of this year John and I went on a vacation in Hong Kong and Macau so we made sure to meet Malou again. Malou is so generous for helping us around HK. She even treated us for a China tour to see the Glass Bridge.

To return our gratitude, I treated Malou for a luxurious facial treatment at Adore, located at Level 2, Shangri-La Plaza - Main Wing, when she went back to the Philippines for a quick 2 week vacation.

This is not sponsored. I paid for the services rendered so this is my Adore Facial Treatment Review:

1. The store features a big, clean and well lit beauty bar layout offering a spa like experience where customers have a chance to try Adore Cosmetics products and see actual results within minutes.

2. The staff were very courteous, knowleagable of their products and gave  a lot of tips on the importance of self-care but  I find that they were hard selling which is kind of really annoying.

3.  In terms of the price, the facial treatment we had is not for everyone because they are way higher than most of the facial clinics I've tried.

4.  I like Adore Cosmetics products because they are based on stem cells of organic apples harvested in Switzerland enabling stem cells to self-regenerate while slowing down the aging process. They also use ingredients like Vitamin C, JOJOBA and Soybeans help us create a proactive recipe that provides instant brightening and revitalization to your skin.

Do I recommend Adore Facial Treatment? Yes why not. if you have enough moolah to spend, go ahead and indulge!

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