November 28, 2019

Tia Belle's Tagaytay

Coming from Manila, just a few meters away to Tagaytay, you will find on the right side a homey and an unpretentious place called Tia Belle's. We used to just passed by this restaurant because we are always in a hurry to reach Tagaytay or go back to Manila. Thanks to Ruby for introducing Tia Belle because we now have another reason to frequent Silang, Cavite, aside from hunting for furniture, garden accessories and plants.

 If you crave for authentic Filipino-homecooked meals, this is a place to be. Truly a taste of home!

Their chicken, MANOK SA PUGARAN at P499, tastes so good! It is baked to perfection with lots of herbs that made the chicken savory. Not salt is added, just natural flavors and spices.

I have tasted the best sinaing na tulingan sa gata at a convent, Franciscan Sisters of Immaculate in Batangas, I have to say  Tia Belle's SINAING NA TULINGAN SA GATA at P475 is arguably comparable.

Being a lumpia lover, LUMPIYANG PINOY at P225 is not your regular lumpia, you've  got to taste it to believe.

We also tried SIZZLING PORK SISIG at P299. This is a must try for my daughter Julia when we come back. She'll be the judge as we call her Sisig Princess.

For dessert, we had suman and cacao.  I am not a fan of both but I enjoyed them because they're not that sweet! Suman is soft yet still chewy. Cacao is very creamy I almost drank my husband's shaređŸ˜€

I don't need to say anything about their Pancit Malabon and Pichi Pichi because these two are the reasons why Tia Belle's is known.

I loved that they play Kundiman and other old Filipino songs as their way of preserving the country's culture and traditions.

As a strict client when it comes to customer service, I must say this restaurant passed our standards! The owner, Tia Belle herself is mostly present taking care of everything, including talking to customers.

Before heading towards your destination, be sure to visit Tia Belle's Pasalubong Section where you can try and buy essential oils that will surely relax, soothe  or energize your senses

Address: High Land Bldg, Santa Rosa - Tagaytay Rd, Silang, Cavite
 Operating Hours: 9am–9:30pm
Phone: (049) 576 4155


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