December 31, 2019

Thank You and Goodbye 2019

Like every other year that passed, I did not expect much for year 2019. My life is kind of cemented already. I have a great husband and children. In my little corner of this world everything is awesome as that Lego Movie would sing it.

But sometimes life throws a curveball to keep us out of balance.  I was given difficult situations starting December 28 of 2018 leading up to the end of this year.  I could have given up easily and focus on my fairly happy life but I chose to jump into the unknown.

There were so many events to mention it will take a year to read so I would only choose two. One is joining (and winning😍) Mrs. PTA 2019. The other one is going to Baguio without my family and riding a bus for the first time. 

There were a lot of tears and pain along the way but I wouldn't have it any other way because the unexpected experiences and surprising people have brought so much joy into my life. Thank you and goodbye 2019!

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