December 23, 2019

Ube Halaya

My mom cooked the best halaya in Novaliches but she passed away early in April 1993 so I didn't get the chance to learn it from her. Then I met Mama Esther, now my mom-in-law in October of 1993. She makes the best ube halaya in Mandaluyong! I still didn't learn from her because I was busy with work before, then in vlogging and events. 

Today, I made my first ever Ube Halaya with the help of Gavin and Youtube.  I call this Halaya ala Mendiola. This is an easier version for those who'd like to do things quick and easy. Masarap naman. Nasarapan din ang mga tumikim.  😁

How to do  Halaya ala Mendiola:

1 kilo ube
1 big evaporated milk
1 big condensed milk

1. Wash and peel ube
2. Boil until soft
3. Mash ube
4. In a pan, put mashed ube then add evaporated milk (set fire in medium) keep stirring
5. When evap milk dissolved, add condensed milk (set to low fire)
6. place in a service tray, let cool.

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