February 12, 2020

Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey is a film within a film that runs from flashback to flasback. If you like gangsta movies with lots of confetti and colorful ootds, you have got to watch this. I truly enjoyed watching this movie with my husband, son and daughter. There are plenty of funny scenes from Harley Quin herself. Cartoony part is fun to watch as they emphasize scenes. together, you get this film.

The songs made me sing along and made me tap my feet. The cinematography is upbeat which made me awake the whole time (because i nirmally sleep in the the moviehouse 😉).

I love how Director Cathy Yan put all the many backstory together without losing its substance.Expect lots of action scenes done beautifully and sexily by the main characters. 

Girl power, I say! ❤️

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