April 3, 2020

Turning Plastic Bottles, Milk Box and Noodle Containers into Plant Pot

The COVID-19 situation has escalated into an unprecedented worldwide crisis in just a few weeks. It  impacted everyone in terms of business and in personal lives. As part of my help to the government, my family and I are doing our share by following guidelines set by President Rodrigo Duterte and our Local Govenrment Officials.

I am also proactively sharing vlogs about our daily activities at home. Hoping that these vlogs may be of help to my friends, relatives, peers and readers by alleviating worries and fears caused by this pandemic.

Today, my topic is all about recycling and upcycling - 
I posted this in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with this captio...

linisin ang kabahayan
ang mga kalat ay bawasan
gawing kapakipakinabang yan
makakatulong ka pa sa kalikasan

#OccasionsofJoy #Mendiolables #recycling #upcycling #ECQ #plants #enhancedcommunityquarantine #plantpots #diy #artsandcrafts

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