July 8, 2020

Train With CK

COVID19  pandemic strictures have hindered most of us to do what once was our daily routine. For me, that includes going to the gym daily. People are forced to stay in the safety of our respective homes disrupting our happy lives but we’ve got to do what we have to do to fight this deadly virus.

Staying at home though does not mean we be couch potatoes. It is important that we stay fit and healthy by exercising. Exercise not only improve your physical strength, it also helps your mental strength.

Since the beginning of the enhanced community quarantine I've been exercising by watching home workout videos in Youtube, particularly yoga and ab workout.

Sharing with you today AB and Core Workout for Beginners by Kamil Quimio.  Kamil or commonly known as CK, is a Certified Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor at Fitness First Megamall. I believe in this young man because he walks the talk.

Check out Train With CK in Youtube, please do subscribe and enjoy working out and getting fit.💓

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