September 28, 2020

Trax Ultra Slim Runner Review

John and I decided to freeze our gym membership since we believe it's still not safe to go out due to Covid 19. John then decided to buy a treadmill so we can do our cardio workout at home. We wanted a treadmill with a slim profile so it can easily be stored. Out of all the brands we checked out online and in the malls, John found Trax Ultra Slim Runner fit for our need and more.

Why we like Trax Ultra Slim Runner, let me counts the ways..

1.  It has a maximum speed range of up to 12 kph so we could run faster and maximize your performance. 
2.  It has a sleek quality of the Ultra Slim treadmills that can be easily stored away,  with two sets of wheels (front and side) that enables us to move the treadmill both forward and backward as well as from side-to-side.
3.  It has built-in hydraulics, it easily goes up from flat position to ready-to-use in seconds.
4.  Integrated with a Bluetooth speaker, we can easily listen to our favorite playlist as we run. 
5.  It has a grip pulse that monitors heart rate that helps keep our target training zone.
6.  Secure locks ensure a safe and secure operation.
7.  Built-in USB port allows you to charge your electronic devices while you run.
8. Zwift app compatible.
New 800 watts motor technology. Powerful enough with low energy consumption.
9. It's easy to set up. Zero assembly needed. John, Julia, Juan and Rafael started working out as soon as we open the box.
10.  Full Warranty (w/AVR) 3 yrs frame, 1 yr electronics, 1 yr motor, 1 yr service, 3 mos consumable parts.
11. A minimal fee is charged for a repair service at home. An item for repair that's brought to the store or service center within its warranty period is free of charge.
12.  We got Chris Sports Shangri-La for P49, 999, 12 months to pay at zero percent interest.

Shoutout to Raymond and Jigs for assisting us very well.

The bonus about having Trax Ultra Slim Runner at the comfort of our own home is that our children gets to use it as well. After unboxing, we had fun trying out our newest toy - Trax Ultra Slim Runner.

Technical Specifications:

Speed range:1-12 kph Running area: 1250 mm x 480 mm Max user weight: 110 kg Motor: 800 watts Net Weight: 45.5 kg Display Info: Speed, Time, Steps, Pulse, Distance, CaloriesVoltage: 220v - 240v Unfolding dimensions: 1460x750x1050mm Folding dimensions: 1460x750x135mm Zero Assembly. Use out of the box.

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