February 28, 2021

Mt. Pinagbanderahan, Atimonan, Quezon

Day 59 of 2021 - Capped off February by hiking Mt. Pinagbanderahan and bathing in Bantakay Falls in Atimonan, Quezon. 💗

We once passed  “Bitukang Manok” road some 8 years ago going back to Manila after our impromptu Bicol trip.  The drive up the highway which is so convuled that locals use a system of flagging, shouting, and waving to safety conduct passengers through this road. We went up the cafe to eat and see what's instore. The locals told us that we can hike the place. Since then, I've been wondering about that hike.

Finally, thanks to Dhel Moncada for organizing this Mt. Pinagbanderahan hike, swim and more. Gratitude to Buddy for a very safe ride. Very cool captain! Enjoyed the whole trip! Salamat sa lahat!

The place is part of the Sierra Madre range, it boasts of lush forests, that is a relatively easy hike because of its accessible road.

If you want to try Mt. Pinagbanderahan, I highly recommend you join Byahero D'pinas.

You may contact Dhel Moncada at 0908 153 3976

or in FB https://www.facebook.com/Byahero-Dpinas-415733929225566

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