February 3, 2021


Day 34 of 2021 -  Tried Nanyang's signature Nanyang Kopi – the combination of a cup of Nanyang Kopi and a freshly toasted bread with soft boiled eggs on the side. I also tried Hainanese Chicken Meal consisted of clear soup, rice, veggies, sauces and steamed chicken.

Thanks to Marilyn for this Nanyang food experience!

My verdict:

I like their cold coffee a lot! It's totally my kind of coffee, light, with a hint of tea and not sweet because they put evaporated milk. It almost tasted like milk tea. It's a watered down milk tea.

I like their Hainanese Chicken Meal a lot! I ate the whole meal without sharing with my husband.😆

Their sandwich is a flop for me. I found the bread unappealing and too oily because of the butter. I am also not  a fan of soft boiled eggs. 

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