February 5, 2021

NIU Podium

Day 36 of 2021 -  Early Valentines Celebration with Yoga friends at NIU Podium. 3 + 1 Promo, P986 nett per person❤

John and I are not fans of buffet but we cannot refuse Gladys NIU at Podium invite because she is fun to be with.

Thanks to Mayor Atienza a.k.a Rafael John Mendiola for providing entertainment. He dressed up in Luaa, complete with lei to surprise everyone. He made us laugh hard, even the ladies at the other table couldn't stop laughing!😀

This vlog was made when all the other clients were out. In short, kami nagsara ng NIU kaya we took our masks and shield for less than a minute for this blog's customary one minute vlog. 

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