February 13, 2021


Day 44 of 2021 - Maganda pa din ang Poinsettia kahit berde na ang mga dahon .💓

Apat sila noon, isa na lang sya ngayon. Umabot pa kaya sya sa susunod na Pasko? Kamusta naman ang Poinsettia nyo?

How do you take care of a poinsettia indoors?

Poinsettias are sensitive plants. Place potted poinsettias indoors in indirect light. Six hours or more of light (natural or fluorescent) is best. Keep them comfortable, ideally between 65 and 75 degrees, day or night. Lower temperatures will make them drop leaves almost immediately and shut down.

Pinlights and cool spotlights may be used over the plant or from under for a more dramatic effect. This will ensure that the Poinsettia will still have leaves by Christmas.

Poinsettia placed in an air-conditioned place is in danger of desiccation which may result in defoliation. As soon as the lower leaves flag, give the plant water. The worst thing that can be done to a Poinsettia in bloom is to give it fertilizers. The fertilizers may damage the root system resulting in leafburns and defoliation. There should be enough nutrients in the pot to sustain the Poinsettias through Christmas. Additional fertilization is risky.

Always buy Poinsettia with the cyathia (true flowers) still attached to the center of the bracts. Reject old plants that have dropped all the cyathia.

(Source: https://www.philstar.com/)

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