December 27, 2021

Food Tour in Binondo

I've been wanting to do a food crawl in Binondo but I don't eat a lot so for years I've tried to avoid event invites there. The pandemic made me realize a lot of things and one of them is that food must be enjoyed, kaya I finally said yes to a Food Tour in Binondo.

To avoid traffic due to Christmas rush, our call time was very early. We arrived in Binondo before 7am. Offered a little prayer in Binondo Church even if it was still closed. I went back after the tour though.

The earliest store open is Ying Ying Tea House. I recommend that you try their Asado Bun. I like it a lot! I brought home 6 pieces and my husband liked it too! Ying Ying is a typical old Chinese Restaurant where you can buy buchi, siopao, noodles and more. Bawal ang maarte doon kasi luma na talaga ang establishment kaya if you're not a cowboy like me, just ask someone to buy for you.

We then headed at Sincerity, where the smell of garlicky chicken made me hungry even if I just ate 1 jumbo siopao, 3 dimsum and chicken feet at Ying Ying.

I was shocked to see this Eng Bee Tin building! It wasn't there when I attended an Eng Bee Tin event some eight years ago. I bought tikoy and different kinds of hopia for pasalubong.

Just a fee steps is Chuan Kee, some people call it 1940 maybe because the numbers 1940 is way bigger that the letters of Chuan Kee.  I irdered Pata Time, Adobong Tenga ng Baboy. I forgot the name of the other one. It's like embotido but smaller. We all liked the Pata Tim.

We also visited Polland, Holland, the carinderias, vegetable and fruit stands at the side street. 

Was this Food Tour in Binondo worth my time? Definitely yes! If you wish to do the same activity, I highly recommend you bring a friend, a loved one or the whole gang so you can split the bill and try as many food as possible. 

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