March 7, 2022

3 Hour Hike to Mt. Marami

For the first hike in 2022, John and I explored the less searched, less spoken of  Mt. Marami, or Mataas na Gulod Boulders.  It is a cliff at the southern portion of Mount Mataas na Gulod situated in Maragondon, Cavite.  The mountain rises to an elevation of 633 m above mean sea level and is one of the ancient volcanic features of Bataan Arc.

Mt. Marami is the counterpart of the very well-known Pico de Loro in Batangas City but its trails are less travelled and less spoken of.   

It took us three hours to reach the summit.  I have no qualms walking/hiking but this hike was a wrong timing (I had my first day  menstrual period!).  

Though suffering from menstrual cramps, there's so many things to be thankful for for this trip.  First, always on the lsit, is that I get to enjoy time with my husband, most especially the 360 degree view at the top! Second,  my friend Edwin finally joined us after so many invitations in the past. Third, is we  we met many wonderful people along the way , namely, Terence Romero,Venus, Mike, Sir Saldy, Earl,  Jeff, Veron.  I even had a wonderful conversations with Jeff's mother. Plus, Veron gave me flowers and seeds of Blue Butterfly Pea.

This hike was organized by Dhel Moncada of Byahero D' Pinas. We paid P1,300 each, which covers the transporation via a private van from Greenfields, Shaw to Mt. Marami drop off and back.  You may contact Dhel via Facebook if you wish yo join his group.


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