May 13, 2022

Anessa Moms' Sunscape

I was both happy and confused receiving an invite via Instagram for Anessa Moms' Sunscape Event. The day before the event they sent two pretty looking golden tubes. 

To tell you honestly,  I am not familiar with this brand since I'm kind of lazy when it comes to skin care.  

I Google and read about Anessa, this brand is by the beauty conglomerate Shiseido; it is one of their drugstore brands focused on sun protection; it's one of the popular sunscreen brands in Japan and their Perfect UV Sunscreen

Tried it before going to the event and instantly liked Anessa because its extra moisturizing ingredients to nourish dry skin. I also like that it doesn't smell bad "nakakahilo".

Connecting with fellow moms made this day super joyful.


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