January 8, 2023

Pico Sands Hotel Review

This booking was a mistake! I was not booking but checking rates at Agoda when i suddenly received a confirmed booking and was charged in my card. I emailed agoda and i was told that it cannot be refunded or rebooked. I immediately emailed Pico about changing dates but they told me to reach agoda.  Sensing that no one was available to help me we just went ahead in Pico the next day. We do not travel on a weekend because we know how crowded any place. The booking mistake turned out a good was compensated by a great service provided by Pico staff, starting from Angelica of the front desk, to Joseph, Tean Captain of Pico Restaurant and Ana, Receptionist of Lagoa. and the rest of the housekeepers. Yes, highly recommending Pico Sands Hotel in De Loro! ❤️

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